Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stories of the Pups- Jip

See I told you- right after I posted the story about Joss here's one about Jip.
A couple months ago, we saw that Jip lost his dog tag, the one with his name and our info in case he got lost. He lost it once before, but we've always found it. But not this time. We looked everywhere, but decided it was in our backyard where we let him out to play sometimes. My family went to Disney and we bought him a new dog tag, with the same design- a Pluto tag.
Today we got home and Jip was sitting on top of the couch, looking out the window. My mom was on the computer on the couch and I sat next to her, wanting to be the first to use when she was done. Then I could work on this blog. I was bored waiting so I looked down. You know what I saw? I saw Pluto's head. I pulled it out from in between the couch cushions. I looked it over. It was still singed, but a little rusty and the part where it connects to his collar was broken. It must've fallen out of his collar when he jumped on to the couch to see a squirrel or something. (I'll show how he is chaotic and jumps on the couch and off it frantically in my video) We found his dog tag! We were all amazed, but just ended up throwing it away. I guess lost things really do turn up eventually...

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