Friday, July 8, 2011

Stories of the Pups-Joss

My grandparents got Joss from the pound, and we drove home from the pound, with Joss in a crate in the trunk. We went to their house and Joss was now part of the family. It was our first dog (technically not because my family got a dog, but we only had it for three days before we took it back. It wasn't bad or anything, but she gave us allergies). Joss seemed to be the best dog for my granparents, he hardly ever barked, he was easy to care for, but he had his issues. No, he didn't have any skin problems or anything like that. You see-Joss has phobias. He has a phobia of thunderstorms. When there's a thunderstorm my grandma has to go into a back bedroom and put the T.V. on, volume high, and she squeezes him close. If she gives him a free reign, he just goes and pees everywhere. Another of his phobias is a fear of a kitchen knive and the coffee grinder. My grandma or grandpa takes them out and he runs for the hills and a haven- underneath my grandma's bed. Stay tuned for more stories on Joss.

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