Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stories of the Pups-Joss

I decided to do another Story of the Pups on Joss, because Jip really hasn't done anything scary or weird or out of the ordinary. (Just wait-I'l probably post something on Jip in a couple of minutes after this one) So now on to Joss. Joss has alot of nicknames that we call him- Jossy Bear, Jossy Boo, Boo Bear, and Joss Hoss. Why Joss Hoss? First off- it rhymes. Second- Joss is really a hoss. (Sorry Joss, no offense!!) Joss is a big Westie. He has a ton of hair so thick that my grandparents don't ever have to worry about fleas or ticks because Joss has so much fur. Well here's the story where he lost alot of his fur:
Joss hates to be brushed at home, much less groomed at the groomers. So when my Grandma took him a couple of weeks ago, the groomer wouldn't take him back. She wouldn't. Joss was too much of a hassle- he growled, he fought against her. We were thinking about making a video about how comotose and how Joss doesn't do a thing at home. But when he get's to the groomers (I guess he saves all his energy for that moment) he's a savage beast. (not really savage) So my Grandma had to find a new groomer.
She heard about one who is a mobile groomer- she comes to your house and does him in this trailer she brings. My Grandma called and told her to do the traditional Westie cut. She had said Westies were her "specialty". But after the lady groomed her this is what he looked like: 1. His belly fur was all gone; it is very matted so she just cut it off. 2. His back "skirt" as we called it was gone. She owns schnauzers and guess what Joss looked like? A schnauzer. So sometimes my Grandma calls Joss "Snookie the Schnauzer." It's sorta funny now that we think back. Plus, Joss lost all that fur and it's gets really hot in the summer. I guess it's safe to add this nickname to the list: Snookie.

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