Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stories of the Pups- Jip

See I told you- right after I posted the story about Joss here's one about Jip.
A couple months ago, we saw that Jip lost his dog tag, the one with his name and our info in case he got lost. He lost it once before, but we've always found it. But not this time. We looked everywhere, but decided it was in our backyard where we let him out to play sometimes. My family went to Disney and we bought him a new dog tag, with the same design- a Pluto tag.
Today we got home and Jip was sitting on top of the couch, looking out the window. My mom was on the computer on the couch and I sat next to her, wanting to be the first to use when she was done. Then I could work on this blog. I was bored waiting so I looked down. You know what I saw? I saw Pluto's head. I pulled it out from in between the couch cushions. I looked it over. It was still singed, but a little rusty and the part where it connects to his collar was broken. It must've fallen out of his collar when he jumped on to the couch to see a squirrel or something. (I'll show how he is chaotic and jumps on the couch and off it frantically in my video) We found his dog tag! We were all amazed, but just ended up throwing it away. I guess lost things really do turn up eventually...

Stories of the Pups-Joss

I decided to do another Story of the Pups on Joss, because Jip really hasn't done anything scary or weird or out of the ordinary. (Just wait-I'l probably post something on Jip in a couple of minutes after this one) So now on to Joss. Joss has alot of nicknames that we call him- Jossy Bear, Jossy Boo, Boo Bear, and Joss Hoss. Why Joss Hoss? First off- it rhymes. Second- Joss is really a hoss. (Sorry Joss, no offense!!) Joss is a big Westie. He has a ton of hair so thick that my grandparents don't ever have to worry about fleas or ticks because Joss has so much fur. Well here's the story where he lost alot of his fur:
Joss hates to be brushed at home, much less groomed at the groomers. So when my Grandma took him a couple of weeks ago, the groomer wouldn't take him back. She wouldn't. Joss was too much of a hassle- he growled, he fought against her. We were thinking about making a video about how comotose and how Joss doesn't do a thing at home. But when he get's to the groomers (I guess he saves all his energy for that moment) he's a savage beast. (not really savage) So my Grandma had to find a new groomer.
She heard about one who is a mobile groomer- she comes to your house and does him in this trailer she brings. My Grandma called and told her to do the traditional Westie cut. She had said Westies were her "specialty". But after the lady groomed her this is what he looked like: 1. His belly fur was all gone; it is very matted so she just cut it off. 2. His back "skirt" as we called it was gone. She owns schnauzers and guess what Joss looked like? A schnauzer. So sometimes my Grandma calls Joss "Snookie the Schnauzer." It's sorta funny now that we think back. Plus, Joss lost all that fur and it's gets really hot in the summer. I guess it's safe to add this nickname to the list: Snookie.

Check it out!

Hey all you Westie fans out there- Check out the bottom of the page. I uploaded a pic I took today of Jip. He's two years old. Also make sure to vote on the poll on the top right of my blog. Go Westies!
(I know I am super late in uploading the Westie video, but I haven't gotten all the footage yet and I haven't put it all together. Hope it's up soon! Check it out when it's uploaded. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stories of the Pups-Joss

My grandparents got Joss from the pound, and we drove home from the pound, with Joss in a crate in the trunk. We went to their house and Joss was now part of the family. It was our first dog (technically not because my family got a dog, but we only had it for three days before we took it back. It wasn't bad or anything, but she gave us allergies). Joss seemed to be the best dog for my granparents, he hardly ever barked, he was easy to care for, but he had his issues. No, he didn't have any skin problems or anything like that. You see-Joss has phobias. He has a phobia of thunderstorms. When there's a thunderstorm my grandma has to go into a back bedroom and put the T.V. on, volume high, and she squeezes him close. If she gives him a free reign, he just goes and pees everywhere. Another of his phobias is a fear of a kitchen knive and the coffee grinder. My grandma or grandpa takes them out and he runs for the hills and a haven- underneath my grandma's bed. Stay tuned for more stories on Joss.

Stories of the Pups

Heres some interesting stories about our little white westie: Jip
Jip- We got Jip when he was about 3 months old, and he was super cute then, as you can tell by the pic above. Now he's bigger and badder at 2 years old. Over the course of about 2 years he's been nearly electrocuted (his dog tags literally got singed) because his collar got stuck in an electrical socket, he's fallen out of a window on Christmas, (he sits on top of our couch, and we had our window open and he slipped and fell, the screen toppling out, and he fell into a bush), and he followed us up a slanted tree at the park in the woods (he feels like he has to protect us) and he decided to jump off the 5 foot tree. He has also jumped from the top bunkbed in my bedroom. It's a miracle that he hasn't broken any bones. Well, enough about Jip, let's talk about Joss. I'll tell more about Jip later.

Meet the dawgs: Jip and Joss

Jip and Joss are my familie's Westies. They are both very lovable, cute and the best dogs ever.
Meet Jip: Fun, energetic and a great family dog. I will post a video soon of Jip and what he usually does during the day.
Meet Joss: Really, Joss doesn't hardly do a thing, but sleep and eat. He is super stubborn. The only thing that will make him come running is a bone or other treat. I will also post a video of Joss.
We've had Jip for two years now, and Joss-5. Even though they get annoying sometimes, I don't know what I'd do without them.